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Ansgar Ahlers
Nationality: German.

Languages: German (Native), English (Fluently), Portuguese (Basic), Dutch (Basic), Latin Proficiency.

Awards, Nominations und Distinctions (Selection):
“Best Director Award 2017” @ Indian World Film Festival (India),
„Best Political Feature Film 2017” @ JIFF – Jaipur International Film Festival (India),
„Musical Odysseys- International Stage – Jury Award 2016“ @ MUVI Festival (Portugal),
„Bernhard Wicki Preis 2015“ @ Int. Filmfest Emden-Norderney,
„NDR Filmpreis für den Nachwuchs 2015” @ Int. Filmfest Emden-Norderney,
„Schreibtisch am Meer 2015“ @ int. Filmfest Emden-Norderney,
Prädikat der FBW: „wertvoll“ for „Bach in Brazil“ – 2015,
„Kurzfilm des Monats“ & Distinction by the FBW: “besonders wertvoll“ für „Indian Daydream“ – 2010 (Recommended by the FBW for the German Short Film),
„TV Cultura – Award für „Taxi to Daydream“ @ Int. Film Festival Sao Paulo - 2007,
„Kurzfilm des Monats“ & Prädikat der FBW: „wertvoll“ für „Taxi to Daydream“ – 2007,
Monats- & Jahresgewinner „Hammer 2007“ @ „Shortfilm Slam Hamburg“,
„Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Kurzfilmpreis 2005“ für „Wedding Daydream“,
Distinction by the FBW: „wertvoll“ for „Wedding Daydream“ - 2005,
Berlinale Talent Campus – 2003,
Nominated for the Goldenen Bären for „Covered with chocolate“ @ Berlinale 2001,
Distinction by the FBW: „besonders wertvoll“ für „Covered with chocolate“ – 2001,
2nd place „Ostfriesischer Kurzfilmpreis 2001“ for „Covered with chocolate“.

The Indian Way (2016/17, Author and Producer - Script Development for the Hollywood-Bollywood Cinema Production - funded by the medienboard Berlin),
Old & Crazy (2016/17, Author and Director - Script Adaptation and Directing Option for a German-Polish Cinema Production),
Meeting Deepak (2016, Author, Director and Producer - 4th part of the Childrens' Documentary Series for the DAHW (Deutsche Lepra- & Tuberkulosehilfe e.V.) in Cooperation with „Ein Leben ohne Lepra e.V.“ – Cast: Max Hegewald),
Bremerhavener Unternehmenspreis 2016 (2016, Author, Director and Producer - Short Film Presentation of the awardees commissioned by the Sparkasse Weser Elbe & BIS Bremerhaven),
Development & Realization of divers Films & Multimedia Clips for the Visitor Center of the Meyerwerft Papenburg (2013-2016, Author, Director and Producer - „Historienfilm“ with Projection Maping; Multimedia Presentation „Emsüberführung“, „Mitarbeitervorstellung“…),
Bach in Brazil (2009-2015, Author, Director, Co-Producer, Music Supervisor und Marketing - German-Brazilian Cinema Production in co-production with Disney Brazil (Miravista): Conspiracao Filmes (Brazil), NFP, forseesense - Script with co-author Soern Menning & Script Consultant Philip Parker & Dramaturg Cornelia Herrmann– Script funded by the medienboard Berlin - Project Development funded by nordmedia–Produktionsförderung: Cast: Edgar Selge, Peter Lohmeyer, Franziska Walser, Hans Peter Korff, Marilia Gabriela),
Bremerhavener Unternehmenspreis 2013 & 2014 (2013-14, Author, Director and Producer - Short Film Presentation of the winners commissioned by the Sparkasse & BIS Bremerhaven),
Development & Realization of the Advertisement Campaign „May I help you?“ in India (2013, Producer, Director, Author and Development Advertisement Campaign - Spot/Short Film for Cinema, TV, Poster – Cast: Dorkas Kiefer, George Lenz & 3rd Part of the Childrens' Documentary Series „Inclusion... a start“ on the topic of Inclusion. Both commissioned by the DAHW & „Ein Leben ohne Lepra e.V.“...),
Neues Besucherzentrum (2013, Author and Producer - Conception Film for Volkswagen),
Your Trash is our treasure (2012, Producer, Director and Author - Development/Animation of a Advertisement Campaign for the Sønderborg Forsyning [Denmark] for Cinema, TV, Poster),
Discover a different destination (2012, Development of the Advertisement Campaign - Development of the Campaign and of a Advertisement Film for the City of Bremerhaven),
Wer zum Teufel ist der Weihnachtsmann? (2010-11, Producer, Director and Author - Christmas Film with Children - 6th DAYDREAM - realized in Papenburg in Cooperation with many Foundations and businesses),
Scripts and Films for divers Sience Centers: “Wortreich Bad Hersfeld”, „Klimahaus Bremerhaven”, „Technisches Museum Berlin”, „BMW Junior Campus“, „Welios” (A), Alba Recycling Film in „Experimenta Heilbronn“... (2010-11, Author, Director and Producer),
Indian Daydream (2009, Producer, Director und Author - 5th DAYDREAM (India) Childrens' Film – diverse int. Film Festivals – Distinction “besonders wertvoll” - “Kurzfilm des Monats”),
div. Sience Center Filme: „Geysir Andernach”, „Experimenta Heilbronn” (2009, Author, Director and Producer),
Gender Trouble (2009, Author, Director and Producer - Animation on diverse Festivals),
Ein Tag in meinem Leben (2009, Author, Director and Producer - Childrens' Documentary for the „Deutsche Lepra & Tuberkulosehilfe e.V.“ [India] - 2nd Part of the Childrens' Film Series),
Daydreams to fly (2008, Producer and Project Leader - 4th DAYDREAM – Short Animations by young talents from NDS),
Scripts and Films for diverse Sience Centers: „Welt der Luftfahrt“ - „Klimahaus Bremerhaven” – „Infobox Jade Weser Port” - „MS Wissenschaft Matheschiff” - „Universum” (2007-8, Producer, Director and Author),
Follow your Daydream (2007-8, Producer - 3rd DAYDREAM [Poland/Germany]– Berlin-Warsaw [Poland] – Premiere “Int. Filmfest Interfilm Berlin” [Nov 08],
Taxi to Daydream (2006-7, Producer, Director and Author - 2nd DAYDREAM [Brazil/Germany] in co-production with Dirk Manthey – Premiere short film festival in Sao Paulo – Prize Brazil “TV cultura” – “Cinegate Award”),
Nobody did expect us here (2006-7, Producer and Director - [Brazil] Documentation for the “Deutsche Lepra- & Tuberkulosehilfe e.V.“),
GG 19 (2006, Author and Director, Cinema Movie, Episode "Sieg für Herrn S." - Prod.: Movie Members),
2 Social-Spots (Cinema + TV) + Development of the Campagne „Was ist Dir ein Lächeln wert?“ for the „Deutsche Lepra & Tuberkulosehilfe e.V.” - Production in India (2006, Producer, Director and Author),
Gesprächige Zimmerpflanzen (2006, Directing Project Leader - Film by 20 Kids for „Int. Kurzfilmfestival Interfilm Berlin“),
Edd & Lefou (2006, Director - Comedy TV-Pilot - Production MME),
M - ein Dorf sucht einen Mörder (2005-7, Author - Script Development with Co-Author Soern Menning und Script Consultant Philip Parker – funded by nordmedia),
Low Volume (2005, Producer, Director and Author - Cinema/TV Spot for the “Deutschen Schwerhörigenbund e.V.”),
Kinder machen Film (2005, Project Leader and Director - 22 Kids [8-13y.] “Fiction-Animation” –for the Festival „Interfilm Berlin“),
B-IN-Berlin Film Award (2005, Producer and Project Leader - Supervision and Selection of 8 Short Films with Young Film Talents which have been distributed for the application in Berlin),
A Life without Danfoss (2005, Producer, Director and Author - Exhibition Film “Danfoss Universe” [DK]),
You build your future (2004, Author with Philip Parker - SiFi Short for „Junior Achievement – Young Enterprise Europe),
Zeitspreicher (2004, Producer and Director - 5 different Short Film to Demonstrate the Mercedes Proving Ground ATP and more Films for the Museum “Zeitspeicher”),
Wedding Daydream (2003-4, Producer, Director and Author - Cinema-Short Film – Production forseesense – 1st DAYDREAM Episode: Murnau Filmpreis – more than 20 Film Festivals worldwide),
DAYDREAMS (2003-4, Intiator and Producer - a Multimedia Project to bring together Young Talents worldwide, in order to create films:,
Berliner Talent Campus 2003 der Internationalen Filmfestspiele Berlin (2003, Selected Participants),
Können Steine Schwimmen? (2003, Project Leader and Director - Animation Film with 1000 Children for the MAUSOLEUM [Exhibition „Sendung mit der Maus“] Narrator: Armin Maiwald),
Für eine Handvoll Dollart (2002-4, Author - Script Development of a Cinema Film [Crime] funded by nordmedia and the FFA – Script Consultant Philip Parker),
Luther (2002, 3. AD [Assistant Director] - intern. Cinema Production [Italy, CZ, Germany] - Director: Eric Till),
Half Past Dead (2001, 3. AD - US-Cinema Produktion - Director: Don Michael Paul),
We are all alike inside (2000-1, Intiator, Tolerance Project with Young Artists),
Covered with chocolate (2000-1, Producer, Director and Idea - Cinema Short Film - Production [forseesense] – nominated for the Goldenen Bären 2001 – more than 50 Film Festivals worldwide),
Enemy at the gates (2000, 2. AD Germany - int. Cinema Produktion – Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud),
Die Flucht (1998-2001, 1. AD - cinema short film - Director: Philipp Stölzl),
Mobil bleiben, aber wie? (1998-2001, 1. AD - Short Documentary - Director: Marianne Rosenbaum),
Kopfwäsche (1998-2001, 1. AD - TV-Spot, Director: Ayassi),
Pit Stop (1998-2001, 1. AD - TV Spot - Director: Ayassi),
The American Dream (1998-2001, 1. AD - TV-Spot - Director: Eric Röntz),
Romantic Fighter (1997-1999, 2. AD [diverse] - Director: Rainer Matsutani),
Force Majeure (1997-2001, 2. AD [diverse] - Hungary & Germany, Director: Joe Coppoletta),
Götterdämmerung (1997-2001, 2. AD [diverse] - Hungary & Germany, Director: Joe Coppoletta),
Gehetzt (1997-2001, 2. AD [diverse] - Hungary & Germany, Director: Joe Coppoletta),
Terranet C@fe (1997-1999, Unit Manager of Staged Parts & Live Programm Papenburg),
Jungfilmertreffen Papenburg (1997-1999, Intiator),
(1996-97, Diverse first Set-Experiences - “Aimee & Jaguar” Director: Max Färberböck; “Willi und die Winzors“ Director: Hape Kerkeling „Alarm für Cobra 11” Director: Robert Sigl, Pete Ariel...),
(Vor 1996, First Experiences - Video Short Films „De Test“ & „Das Geschäftsgespräch“ (Filmfest Groningen & Oldenburg), Supervision of the Film Working Group of my School).

Professional Memberships: Film- & Medienbüro Niedersachsen,
Bundesverband Regie,
Verwertungsgesellschaft Wort (1302909),
Verwertungsgesellschaft Bild-Kunst (3214876),
Press Card.

At Invitation of…
University of Manipal Jaipur (India): Practical Workshop with Film Production (Invited for January 2018),
University of St. Petersburg (Russia): Workshop on the German Russian Youth Film Festival of the „Petersburger Dialogs“ (2017),
Int. Film Festival Jaipur (India): Workshop Kurzfilm & Koproduktion D-BR (2017),
Children´s media conference Sheffield (UK): Session “Green Shoots in Children’s and Family Film” (2016),
School Performance with following postproduction at diverse School in Germany, inclduing at the Realschule Aschendorf & the Gymnasium Papenburg (2016),
Deutsch-Brasilianische Gesellschaft in brasilianischer Botschaft Berlin: Presentation of a German-Brazilian Co-Production (2016),
Preparations of the School Film Shooting „Wer zum Teufel ist der Weihnachtsmann?“ at the Mariengymnasium Papenburg (2010),
Int. Film Festival Sao Paulo (Brazil): Panel – Co-Production Germany-Brazil (2012),
Goethe Institut (Brazil): diverse Workshops for Short Films in different Cities (Brasilia, Recife…) (2008),
University of Anhembi Morumbi Sao Paulo (Brazil): Workshop „Looking behind the script“ (2007),
Filmbüro Niedersachsen/ mediacampus NDS: Workshops for Short Films (2016 + 2006).
Jury Member for...
Berlin Music Video Awards (Regularly since 2013),
Chairman of the German Jury at the German-Russian Youth Film Festival of the „Petersburger Dialogs“ (2017),
Animation Film Jury „Int. Film Festival Jaipur” (India – 2017),
„Halt die Klappe“ Contest for the Short Films of the LK Emsland (2007),
Short Film Jury „Achtung Berlin“ (2006),
Moderation at own Projects or for Assistance at the Filmfest Emden-Norderney.